A quick multi-panel image of the eclipse

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It is going to take me awhile to go through all my images as I have over a 1000 bracketed photos to go through to see which are the best, but here is a quick edit I did with the full eclipse in the background and the various stages in the foreground.


One note as I have to switch around the order of the images. Currently, the shadow timeline goes right to left instead of left to right. Meaning, the start of the eclipse is currently on the right and goes to the left.


This was just a quick piece together and my no means the final version.


Update: Here is the final version polished up and the order is now right to left.


A panel of the moon path across the Sun and the total eclipsed sun with corona and Bailye’s Beads during the Great American Eclipse of 2017


Created another book with Nowvel

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Created another little book with the Nowvel app.

I’ve created my second book with photos that I took in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee. I love these little books it creates.

If you want to check out the iOS app I used called Nowvel, they’re giving 50% off the first printed book – you’ll see the offer when click on the image below

Also, be sure to read “My Review of the Nowvel App


Nowvel book


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Got a photo critiqued by a Master of The Arcanum

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One of my favorite photographers is starting up a new video show next week where masters of The Arcanum critique photos of their apprentices and others and was drumming up support for the show but asking his viewers/followers to post a photo of theirs to be critiqued.

So I submitted one of mine and they decided to do the critique of it in their “Live Critiques for the New Show Launch Day!” video

I’m the second photo in the video around the 3:27 min mark.

I’d be interested in your thoughts. Do you agree with Mason?

Here is the photo that I submitted and below that is the original un edited version

Colors of the Pool

Colors of the Pool Submitted for Critique

Color of the Pool Original

Color of the Pool Original