My Disclosures

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I like to be as open as possible so with that in mind below is a list of vendors that I participate in their affiliate networks.

What does being and affiliate mean to me and you?  For me, it is a way of generating income to that I may provide you with this website for one. Websites, Domain names, and web services to not come cheap. It also lets me, in some cases, get products in advance to review so that I can give my option on the product before it comes out so you know whether or not it is worth purchasing.


What does it mean for you?  I can offer the best prices from the vendors I am an affiliated with well as get you additional discounts just for my blog followers.  It essence it costs you nothing, in fact just the opposite, you will likely save money by using my affiliate links.


Here is the current list of companies that I’m am affiliated with in no particular order. Not all have active affiliate links on my website as I like to vet their products first before posting the links to any vendor/product. If I don’t think it is a worthy product/vendor, I won’t post a link. I do my best to look out for you even if it means less coming my way. My followers are more important to me than that.


Current affiliate programs that I below to: