Aurora HDR 2018 Now Available for Download

Aurora HDR 2018 is now available for immediate download for both Mac and Windows


If you missed out on the pre-order bundle or just wanted to wait until you can download a trial before buying, Aurora HDR 2018 is now available for download today.

Download a Free Trial of Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac or PC

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Pre-ordering of Aurora HDR 2018 for Windows and Mac Starts today

Aurora HDR 2018 for Windows and Mac

Aurora HDR 2018 is almost here and you can pre-order it starting today.

And yes it is now available for Windows

Pre-Order Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac or Windows today

Aurora HDR is not just a tool for merging bracketed images, it also provides numerous tools and countless options to create perfect HDR photos for every taste – from one-click presets and advanced tone-mapping, to layers, noise reduction, and powerful luminosity masking controls. Although it was designed for bracketed images, you can use all of the features found in Aurora HDR on a single RAW file image as well.

Pre-Order Pricing:

  • Current users of Aurora HDR may upgrade at a special pre-order price of $49 ($59 MSRP)
  • New users can purchase Aurora HDR 2018 at a special pre-order price of $89 ($99 MSRP)


With your Pre-Order you will also receive this collection of Bonus items:

  • Trey Ratcliff Deep Dive video so you can make the most of Aurora HDR 2018 from the start.
  • Travel Photography Tutorial by Matt Granger.
  • Source Brackets.
  • 3-month Zenfolio Pro website, including a complementary design consultation. A $60 value.


What’s new in Aurora HDR 2018:

  • Next-generation Tone Mapping – A new smart Tone Mapping algorithm automatically reduces noise and produces more realistic and natural initial results.
  • Mac and Windows versions – Aurora HDR 2018 is available both for Mac and PC users, enabling mixed-computer households to share the same product key.
  • Dodge & Burn Filter – Selectively lighten or darken specific areas of an image to artfully direct your viewer’s eye towards the key subject of your image, similar to a traditional darkroom technique.
  • HDR Enhance Filter – Adds details and clarity to an image, adjusting colors, details, and contrast without creating artificial halos or other problems.
  • User Interface – A new, modern and responsive user interface brings a powerful, yet joyful experience to HDR photo editing.
  • History Panel – An easy-to-reference list of edits made to your image, the History panel allows you to click on any editing step to revert the photo to an earlier stage of editing.
  • Touch Bar support for Mac – Aurora HDR 2018 adds Touch Bar support to give new MacBook Pro users fast access to key editing features and speed up their workflow.
  • IMPROVED:  New Structure Algorithm – The re-developed Structure tool allows you to adjust detail and clarity of an image to get a classic HDR effect with great detail or a smoother effect with less details.
  • IMPROVED: RAW handling – An improved RAW conversion brings out more details in shadows/highlights, displays colors more accurately and reduces noise in RAW files.
  • IMPROVED: Crop tool update – Now specify custom crop sizes for even more versatility.
  • IMPROVED: Speed – Faster merging and masking performance, improvement in RAW image processing.


The following features will be available in the Mac version at launch and arrive in the Windows version with the first free update in the beginning of October.


  • Image Flip and Rotate – Perfect for correcting photos with incorrect horizons or making creative compositions or other stylistic changes to an image.
  • Lens Correction Tool – The new Lens Correction filter easily fixes all kinds of lens distortion, from barrel and pincushion to chromatic aberration and vignetting.
  • Transform Tool – Easily scale, rotate and shift your image to better fit your vision.

Other tools and features that are currently available for Mac version would be added to Windows version by the end of the year.


Pre-Order Aurora HDR 2018 for Mac or Windows today


This offer expires 12:30pm on Thursday September 28th, 2017

Aurora HDR Next Release Announced

Aurora HDR 2017

Welcome to Aurora HDR 2017


Aurora HDR Next Release Announced today. Aurora HDR is the world’s most powerful HDR software made exclusively for Mac. If you are waiting for Aurora HDR for Windows  make sure to sign up and click the radio button for “I use PC” so you get notified of the Aurora HDR for Windows release at a future date.


Pre-orders for Aurora HDR 2017 will start September 14th, with the official release launch on September 29th for the Mac Version. Windows users, still sign up and get notified about Aurora HDR for Windows, it is coming, just not September 29th.


 Sign up Here to get notified when pre-ordering starts and any updates on the Aurora HDR 2017 release.


Summary of a few of the Aurora HDR 2017 Features and Improvements.

  • New Batch Processing
  • New Tools, including polarize filter and radial masking tool
  • New presets by Trey Ratcliff and other recognized pros
  • Updated tone-mapping and bracket merging technology for more realistic looking HDR images

This is just the shortlist. There will be over 20 key improvements and new features in this release.


Sign Up NOW to get notified of the additional features Aurora HDR 2017


Aurora HDR Next Release Announced Upgrades and Pricing

  • Current users of Aurora HDR Pro can upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 at a special pre-order price of $49
  • Current users of the standard version of Aurora HDR can upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 at a special pre-order upgrade price of $69
  • New customers can pre-order Aurora HDR 2017 for $89
  • Pre-order customers will also receive special bonuses that and announced soon. As soon as I”m notified of what they are I’ll post it here.


Sign up Here to get notified when pre-ordering starts and any updates on the Aurora HDR 2017 release.


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