Luminar now supports Apple’s MacBook TouchBar

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With the latest release,  Luminar now supports the TouchBar on MacBooks


With the addition of the TouchBar support, you can now select many of the menu functions right from the TouchBar. When you have selected a filter or other adjustment, you no longer have to use the touchpad on your MacBook, you can use the slider on the TouchBar and make more accurate adjustments. See the various TouchBar views here.

Current uses of Luminar will need to get the latest update.  Click Here to learn how to get the update for your version of Luminar.


Free Presets

In addition to the update, MacPhun is currently offering 3 sets of Preset Packs for Luminar from Pro Luminar users.


The future of Luminar

MacPhun has announced plans for a version of Luminar for Windows that is coming in 2017 but no actual ship date has been announced yet. If you want to compare Luminar’s existing features and the coming soon features versus Apple’s Aperture and Adobe’s Lightroom, check out the comparison checklist here

There are many more features coming to Luminar in the upcoming weeks. As soon as I find out about the new or pending features I’ll be sure to let you know.any


Luminar and Aurora HDR 2017 are still on sale for Black Friday so don’t miss out on the discount and free extras


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Photolemur – New Automatic Photo Enhancement App

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Photolemur New Automatic Photo Enhancement

Photolemur a New Automatic Photo Enhancement app for Mac OS

Photolemur has recently been announced and is a new type of photo enhancement app. It uses a proprietary technology that uses machine learning and AI to improve imaging quality. This is touted as the world’s first fully automatic photo enhancement solution. By using this AI to analyze your photos features such as sky, trees, and more Photolemur automatically makes the adjustments to get the best-looking photo from your image.


Features currently included are:

  • Color Recovery
  • Sky Enhancement
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Smart Dehaze
  • Natural Light Correction
  • Foliage Enhancement
  • Noise reduction
  • Tint Perfection
  • RAW Processing (800+ cameras)
  • Batch Processing 40 Photos
  • Apple Photos Extension
  • Face recognition

A look at the interface:

Photolemur New Automatic Photo Enhancement


Photolemur was founded by the Dima a co-founder of MacPhun.

Pre-order by December 15 to receive a perpetual license for Photolemur valid for 5 Macs at the reduced price of $29 and get a special bonus: a free license for LensFlare Studio. LensFlare Studio lets you add over 100 special effects to your photos, including lights, flares, glows and more!

You will get LensFlare for Mac right after the purchase. And you will get Photolemur for Mac on December 17th, 2016. 

They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


System Requirements for Photolemur

  • Processor Core 2 Duo from late 2009 or newer
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • OS X 10.10.5 or newer
  • Retina displays supported


So here is the bundle Deal

Photolemur New Automatic Photo Enhancement



Visit the Photolemur site to Pre-Order and get more in depth details on this new exciting product.



Be sure to view the videos and read the FAQ as they do an excellent job describing how this program is different that your regular photo editor.

Demo of Photolemur beta

From a Facebook Live session.


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This offer expires 11:59pm on Friday December 16th, 2016

Adorama Black Friday Week Specials

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Adorama Black Friday Savings




There are way too many deals for me to list each one here so click the banner or logo for the vendor you are interested in below to see the full list of cameras and lenses available during this sale. Please make a note of the various expiration dates as they are different for each vendor.

So go and get a head start on your Black Friday shopping as they deals are available now.


Adoroma Black Friday - sony

Adorama’s Sony Black Friday Instant Rebates are valid through 12/03 and ship free.


Adoroma Black Friday - Sigma

Adorama’s Sigma Black Friday Instant Rebates & Specials  are valid through 11/29 and ship free.


Adoroma Black Friday - Lensbaby

Adorama’s Lensbaby Black Friday Instant Rebates & Specials  are valid through 12/13 and ship free.



Adorama’s Olympus Black Friday Instant Rebates & Specials are valid through 12/3 and ship free. Includes Mirrorless cameras, Compact cameras, Recorders, Lens, and Accessories.



Removed the expired sale items but the above are still available, so get your items now before they disappear as well.
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This offer expires 12:00am on Wednesday December 14th, 2016

Luminar for the Mac Available now

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Luminar is Now Available for download.


Get it at the launch pricing for a limited time of $59 for new customers and $49 for existing MacPhun customers. That’s a $10 savings off of the retail prices

And NOW, you can Try it BEFORE you Buy!

So give it a try as I’m sure you will realize this is the best photo editor for the Mac for beginner to Advanced users.
Once you download and install Luminar, you will get access to a series of 26 videos showing you how to make the most of Luminar‘s features and options.


Here is my first photo edited with Luminar and one of the first I took with my Fujifilm X-T2


The tracks in the Fall

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My New Camera Arrived – FujiFilm X-T2

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My FujiFilm X-T2 arrived today from Amazon Warehouse.


Fujifilm X-T2

Check current new pricing: Amazon|Adoroma


My trusty Nikon 80 is starting to show its age. It has served me well and will continue to do so as my backup camera. But I have been looking for a new camera for some time now. I checking out upgrading to another cropped sensor Nikon and even the Full Frame Nikons. Then I started seeing more and more folks including my photography friends using mirrorless cameras so I started to check those out as well.  I finally narrowed down my choices to a Nikon D7200 as the full frame Nikons are just out of my budget right now. And even though I really wanted a full Frame Sony mirrorless camera, again it was out of the budget. So I decided to get the FujiFilm X-T1, but then they announced the X-T2 model but it was just on the edge of my budget range for a new camera.

I’m always looking for the best deals to get the best bang for my buck, so when I started looking for my final choice of a Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera with 18-55mm F2.8-4.0 R LM OIS Lens as my camera replacement I wasn’t finding anything below full retail. This was expected since the camera was just released a little over a month ago. I resigned myself to sit and wait awhile to see if the price came down

In my hunt for the best price on the recent printer purchase, I stumbled upon an Amazon price-watching site called I did my amazon search for the X-T2 with lens and didn’t see anything at the time that was discounted, so I added a price watch on  Initially, it was just giving me the same pricing that I found myself, but then one day it showed me on for $230 less so I clicked on the link immediately. I was sent to the Amazon Warehouse listing that showed this was for a “used” classification sale of the camera. I had never heard of Amazon Warehouse so I started checking out the terms etc and when I was about to buy the camera, the listing was gone all in less that 15 mins. I was upset with myself for procrastinating, but I did my due diligence and checked out the service and terms so I was ready if it ever came up again.

Well a few days later another listing popped up and I jump right on it.  That order is the camera that arrived today. It was listed as Used: no cosmetic issues with the camera and  tested and confirmed working but only a damaged box. After opening the Amazon box and finding the X-T2 box inside I took everything out and inspected everything.  The only thing I could find wrong was the LCD screen was a little smudged, which was easily cleaned with a lint free cloth. The box hardly had a mark on it other than fresh tape.

It is obvious to me this was an Amazon returned product and they sold it via Amazon Warehouse at a discount. Don’t know why anyone would want to return such a great camera. I’m not complaining one bit as I feel I’ve gotten a new camera for several hundred dollars less than the current going price and it looks brand new. Now I’ve got some money to go out and get an additional lens, of which I wouldn’t have been able to do if I purchased it brand new.

So if you don’t mind purchasing a returned unit, I would recommend setting up a price watch with or your favorite price watcher so you can get notified of the reduced prices from folks like Amazon Warehouse. And make sure your service notifies you as from my experience, the Fujifilm XT-2’s do not last long.

One last note: if the price is way lower than the regular price, definitely check it out first. I was notified of one listing for this product being $600, but after checking things out it was obviously a scam.

Now the only thing to do it take my new camera out for a spin this weekend to hopefully get some great fall colors pictures.

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Sunrise along the lake

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Sunrise only the lake at Centennial Park

Got up early to meet up with a friend at a recommended spot at Centennial Park. For someone that is usually not up before sunrise since I work the later shift in my office, getting up before the sun does is out of the ordinary for me. But I did it and it was well worth it I think.

Didn’t get to meet up with my friend since he had gotten a new phone and forgot to set his alarms, but he picked a great spot for a sunrise. We caught up later at another spot which I’ll post photos from later on.


The Sunrise

Sunrise at the lake

The water was fairly still so I was able to get a great reflection of the sunrise and the trees. Aurora HDR 2017 did a great job processing this 3 bracket shot.


Folks out enjoying the park in the early morning.

Unknown out in a canoe in Centennial Lake in Columbia.

A peacefull morning out in a canoe in Centennial Lake in Columbia.


Taking a break from running to take a picture of the view

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MacPhun Announces Luminar for Mac

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The MacPhun team Announces Luminar for Mac


Click the image below to learn more and you can enter your email address to stay up to date about the Luminar news from the great folks at MacPhun. They make the best photo software for the Mac and I’m sure it will be another great addition to their product line.

So check it out now, there’s no harm in just finding out if it might be for you as it cost you nothing just to find out.

Luminar pre-order starts on the 2nd of November. And the launch is scheduled for November 17. If you own a Macphun app for Mac, you’ll pay only $49 to get Luminar & exclusive bonuses. For new users (who don’t own any product by Macphun) the price will be very compelling as well – just $59.

You’ll love the bonuses. Everyone, who pre-orders Luminar will get the Macphun exclusive video series, called “Photography Essentials”, as well as the Marketing Guide for Photographers from Will Burrard-Lucas, award-winning wildlife photographer.


Luminar for Mac


Check back here in a few weeks as I will have more details and a demo of this new product.

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Free Camera Giveaway Contest

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YOU Could Win One of $4,156 in Prizes! in this Free Camera Giveaway by FroKnowsPhoto


Free Camera Giveaway Contest


By Entering HERE you could win one of these prizes…

The top Prize of

  • Canon 5D Mark IV ($3,499 value)
  • Nikon D810 ($2,796 value)
  • Sony A7R II ($3,198 value)
  • …Or your choice of $3,000 in glass!

Or one of the following

  • ThinkTank Airport Security ($429 value)
  • RODE VideoMic Pro ($229 value)
  • All FroKnowsPhoto Guides ($428 value)
  • Black Rapid Strap ($70 value)


As you know, I’m all about free and this is your chance to win some free stuff that is awesome and from someone I trust. So go ahead and Enter HERE to have your chance at getting a new camera or other prizes.


#Cameragiveaway #FroKnowsPhoto #SonyAR7II #Canon5DMarkIV #NikonD810 #Contest


This offer expires 12:00am on Wednesday February 1st, 2017

Another Year Another Calendar Month

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Another year another calendar month that features my photo

Humbled again to have two of my pictures publish in the JHFCU 2017 calendar. This year I ended up as the main photo for the month of August and in October as a side photo. No matter where I am I’m always grateful for the exposure, so be sure to get your copy and look for my photos.


The image selected for the Month of August.

United States Lightship Chesapeake

United States Lightship Chesapeake


The United States Lightship Chesapeake in the Inner Harbor Baltimore during the City Light Festival in 2016


The side photo for October

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Dome in Fall


#JHFCU #Calendar

Aurora HDR 2017

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Aurora HDR 2017 – The world’s most powerful HDR software, made exclusively for Mac just got even better.



Aurora HDR 2017 All Features

  • Batch Processing
  • Polarize Filter
  • Powerful Zone System for Luminosity masks
  • Hue-Saturation-Luminosity panel
  • DNG Files Support
  • Radial Masking
  • Advanced Top & Bottom adjustment panel
  • Signature presets from Serge Ramelli and Captain Kimo


Aurora HDR 2017 Improved Features

  •  Tone-mapping technology with reduced HDR noise, improved realism of initial result and faster performance
  • User Interface with a cleaner more modern style


Click Here to Order Aurora HDR 2017 or get your Upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 Today



If you want to try before you buy

Download Aurora HDR 2017 Trial your Here


  • New Customer Price $99 –  Save 10% with coupon code MDPDEAL
  • Current Users of Aurora HDR Pro Upgrade Price: $59 Save 10%with coupon code MDPDEAL
  • Current Users of Aurora HDR Upgrade Price:  $79 Save 10% with coupon code MDPDEAL


Continue reading to get more into the nuts and bolts of the program including system requirements, and comparison of the different versions of Aurora are below.


Click Here to Read the Rest of the Article

So You are Thinking About Night Photography

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So you are thinking about night photography and not sure if your camera can do it or what the settings you might use.


Most modern DSLR’s and Mirrorless cameras can take great pictures at night and of the stars, but I would recommend doing some testing before you go out on your first night of night photography shooting. The intent is to

  1. Let you know if your camera is suitable for night photography and
  2. To give you a starting point on the settings to use to get the best shot of the night sky or other night shot.

The steps used do not only apply to taking pictures of the sky but any night photography situation you are thinking about such as taking pictures of the city at night.


Night sky photography (AKA Astrophotography) is something that I’ve always wanted to and I needed to find out if my current camera was up to the job. On a recent night where there were no clouds in the sky I decided it was time to test my old trusty Nikon D80 to see if it was up to the job. So I headed outside with my tripod (A must if you are doing any low light photography), my Nikon D80 with the Nikkor 18-135 lens, and my wireless remote. The remote is not required, but it does make things a little faster to do. If you don’t have a remote trigger device be it wired or wireless, you can still get your night shots, but you will have to use the camera’s built-in timer function or you will get camera shake when you press down the shutter release button.


For my testing, I put my camera in manual mode, set the aperture (f-stop) as wide as my lens would let me at f3.5 with the lens at its widest setting of 18mm and set the exposure time to 30 secs, which is the longest my camera will go before switching to bulb mode. For the testing, you want the exposure time and f-stop fixed as you will be only adjusting the ISO setting for each shot. You will need to focus your camera to near infinity in order for the stars/night sky to be in focus. Do this manually by turning your focus ring all the way until it stops at infinity and turning it back just a little, or find a distant light and let your autofocus focus on that. After you have set your focus, you must turn off the autofocus feature of your lens or as soon as you go to click your shutter release your camera will just get stuck trying to focus and most likely never focus. On my Nikkor lens, I can turn off the autofocus on the lens. Your camera/lens will vary on how you turn auto focus off. It is your option whether or not to use the long exposure noise reduction option that your camera has. For my testing, I did use my camera’s long exposure noise reduction option. If you are not sure, take a series of pictures with it off, then another series with it on and compare.


Start out at the lowest ISO your camera has, in my case that was 100 and with each picture you take,  increase the ISO by one setting stop until you get to the highest your camera can do.  For my old trusty Nikon D80 that meant ISO’s of: 100, 125, 160, 200 250 320, 400, 500, 640, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, HI 0.3, HI 0.7, HI 1.0. When it is all said and done, you should have a range of shots that vary just by the ISO. So I ended up with 16 shots.


This 5 of the images spread across the full 16 image range of images that I got during this test.


Click on each image to see the full version

At ISO 100

At ISO 100

At ISO 250

At ISO 250

At ISO 640

At ISO 640

At ISO 1600

At ISO 1600

At ISO Hi 1.0 Equivalent to 3200

At ISO Hi 1.0 Equivalent to 3200


After looking at my test shots it tells me a few things

  1. Due to light pollution and the low sensitivity of my sensor I”m not able to get the Milky Way with this camera. By today’s camera standards, my Nikon D80 has a very low sensitivity as its highest native setting was 1600. Most camera’s today got to at least 25,600.
  2. To get a decent amount of stars I need to use the higher ISO’s of my camera. At least 1600 if not the digitally enhanced HI settings.
  3. Even at the higher ISO’s my camera still cannot capture enough light for the faint stars. And even with noise reduction turned on, the pictures are still too noisy.


Just because I cannot capture the stars with my camera I did not give up on night photography as you may have seen in my previous posts from Light City Baltimore.


I’ve been able to get some great night shots in the city with my Nikon D80.  This is because the light it much brighter than the faint stars and my camera’s sensor is sensitive enough to get the light at this level.

Just keep in mind that you are doing this testing just as a starting point and to determine what is possible at the max aperture and timed exposure. Once you know this base, if it worked out for you, you can make adjustments when you change the exposure time and aperture. I won’t go into the formula here, but I’m sure you can find it on the internet.


For now, get out there and try some night photography shooting, I’m sure you will get some great pictures.


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Free Online 11-Week Digital Photography Course by Former Stanford Professor

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Recently found a free online 11-week Digital Photography course by Former Standford Professor Marc Levoy


Free Online 11-Week Digital Photography Course by Former Stanford Professor


I’ll admit the I did take at least one college-level course when I was at Towson back in the film days as I was primarily interested in Black and White photography darkroom techniques. But these days there are so many resources available on the internet to learn photography I have not taken a course since.

I’m all about free, so I”m always on the lookout for good resources and this is one of them.

This course is not for everyone, but for those who like the lecture format of a college-level course and are looking for something that covers the science, artistic, and computing aspects of photography, then this might be for you.

According to the site, this is the public version of the course that he use to teach at Standford. It does seem to be a very popular online course and please read the RED text section on the home page with regard to the video lectures that go along with this course.

The site contains video lectures, lecture materials, and course assignments if you so choose to do the assignment for fun.

Rather than rehashing the details you can read on his site I’ll just say go check it out and see if it is for you at

#course #photography #lecture #free


Fro Knows Photo gives away Red River Paper

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Fro Knows Photo gives away Red River Paper to first 300 responders


Jared Polin, aka the I Shoot RAW man, of Fro Knows Photo is one of the folks that I follow. He has a unique perspective on photography that I like as I think it just tells it like it is.

Right now he has an offer for the first 300 responders for sample paper from Red River Paper. Red River Paper is one paper source I have used and would recommend. I”m just not big enough yet to get these types of offers for my readers so I wanted to share Fro Knows Photo’s post.

Click on the link in his video to see if you can still get the free sample kit from Red River Paper and give their paper a try. I’m sure you will like it.


Don’t forget to check out Fro Knows Photo as well as I’m sure you will like his content as well.



You can also click on the “F” logo in the bottom right to go to the post on his page.