Aurora HDR + Plotagraph Pro

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Aurora HDR + Plotagraph

Create amazing HDR images with Aurora HDR 2017 and then bring them to life with Plotagraph Pro




You get Aurora HDR 2017 + 3 Month Plotagraph Pro+ Membership.

Total value of this offer is $186

And you can get it for $89 when you use my coupon code of MARKDODD.

Without the code it is $99

You’ll Get:

  • Aurora HDR 2017, The world’s most powerful HDR image editor for the Mac.

  • A 3 month Plotagraph Pro+ Membership – Bring your single JPEG photos to life with the animation of Plotagraph Pro


Get your Aurora HDR + Plotagraph Pro Offer today


The image above is one example of what can be done, and here is one of my recent images that I’ve brought to life via Plotagraph Pro. This is my first attempt so don’t judge too harshly. I was able to create this in about 5 mins not knowing much about how the program works. Image what I and you can do once we really know what we are doing. The possibilities are endless.



Get your Aurora HDR + Plotagraph Pro Offer today


And for those of you who already have Aurora HDR, I’m not leaving you out.

Get your Free Demo of Plotagraph


And if you decide it is for you, you can save 10% by using my

Plotagraphy Coupon Code of MARKDODD


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This offer expires 11:59pm on Sunday June 4th, 2017

The Luminar Creativity Bundle

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Get the limited time Luminar Creativity Bundle during May

This is another jam packed bundle with the retail value of $250 all for $69 for new customers, $59 for existing MacPhun customers. (check out the end of this post to save an additional $10 for both new and existing customers)

You Get:

  • Luminar – The Supercharged photo editor for Mac that adapts to your skill level.
  • The Creativity Mega Preset Pack – 26 beautiful presets from Presetpro to create stunning looks in Luminar
  • The Essential Pro Secrets for Unleashing your Creativity – ebook by Ian Plant – Creative lessons and techniques for how to make your photos match the depth of your passion
  • The Ultimate Posing Card Collection – 500+ ideas for boudoir, family, indoor, newborn, wedding photography and more
  • The Overlays Variety Pack – Sky, snow, rainbow, leaf, and fireworks overlays to create a unique look in your images


If you are one of the first 3000 customers to purchase you also get – 145 Fireworks Overlays


For my blog followers, use the discount code of MARKDODD to save your extra $10 off this bundle price.  So you get it for $59 for new customers and $49 for existing MacPhun customers.


Get your Luminar Creativity Bundle Today

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This offer expires 11:59pm on Wednesday May 31st, 2017

Free Luminar Presets

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 MacPhun has released free Luminar presets and a free texture pack that is available to download.


So you have Luminar or are considering getting it, but you are not sure about what settings will bring out the best in your photography. Well, MacPhun is here to help.


To help get you started with making fantastic photos, MacPhun has worked with various photographers to create a great set of presets and textures that you can use to enhance your photos with just one click. You can either just use the preset as is, or you can use it as a starting point for your own adjustments. Best of all, they are free to download and use.


Once you have tried out the free set, consider a premium preset or the premium texture to get added instant effects for your photography.


The free presets include

  • Seascape Presets by Ellen Anon
  • Winter Hues by Discovery Photo Tours
  • Studio Portraits by Tony Corbell
  • Magic Hour by Jim Nix
  • Variations of Monochrome by Dan Hughes
  • The Box by Scott Wyden Kivowitz
  • Autin Drama by Jim Nix
  • View from Brooklyn by Hector Martinez.

And you can get the free Desert Dreams Texture Pack as well.


Once you have tried out the free presets you can purchase additional Premium presets like

  • Noble Monochromatic Preset Pack
  • Insta Inspiration pack by Jason Odell
  • Photo Essentials Pack

And the Premium Asphalt & Leaf Texture Pack.


Download your free Presets and Texture Pack today



If you do not have Luminar you can Download your Free Trial of Luminar and give these free presets and the texture pack a try.


Demo Video of installing and using the Presets and Texture


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Get On1 Effects 10.5 for FREE

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You can now get On1 Effects 10.5 for FREE




Many of these features are included in On1 Photo 2017, but for those who want to get a great effects program for free, here is your chance.


Here are just a few of the features you can use with this free version.

So go get your copy of On1 Effects 10.5 for Free now.

It is available for both Mac and Windows, so everyone is covered.


#On1Effects10.5 #On1 #affiliate


Picktorial Version 3.0 Release

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Picktorial 3.0


Picktorial 3.0 was released April 4th.


● Versatile and responsive patch tool, up to 30x faster than Lightroom’s equivalent Spot-Removal tool
● Unique color and luminosity masks making fine-art results easier
● Adaptable single-space workflow, from camera-to-edit within a single window without slow switching between the library and develop modules.
● Advanced selective tonal adjustments including HSL, Curves, Split Toning, and more, operating on specific parts of the image defined with advanced masking tools.
● Skin smoothing brush utilizing Frequency Separation in a single brush with the ability to control the
separation radius.
● Edge-aware brush to enable more precise selections.
● Smart extension for MacOS Photos, the first of its kind to offer non-destructive pro-level editing while
recalling positions of sliders and masks, even after closing Photos.
● Catalog-free Image handling that automatically monitors the content of referenced folders, enabling
instant editing with no slow import process needed.
● Native browsing of Aperture libraries with no conversion needed.
● Assistant viewer similar to Lightroom’s new “reference view,” but fully functional with edits and tabs.

There is a 14 Day free trial available so you can check it out before you buy

I’m working on a written review and will do a demo video. Just with Light City Baltimore and attending the recent Inspire conference of the PPA of PA event this past weekend I’m a little behind.  So look out for both of these reviews next week.

To get the free trial or purchase at the introductory rate, click the link below

Get Picktorial 3.0 for the intro price of just $39.99 for a limited time

Requires Mac OS 10.10 or later.

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Going to Light City Baltimore

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Time to go to Light City…


Although Light City Baltimore has been running for a few days now, I have not had a chance yet to go down and check out all the wonderful light art that is on display. From the pictures I’ve seen and posts I’ve read, it is much larger and even better this year.


Here’s hoping I can get some great shots like these from last year’s Light City Baltimore



Making the Most of a Busted Sunrise Photo Trip

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On a recent Sunday, I planned on getting up early to get Sunrise pictures. This is not something that I do easily as I am not a morning person. I normally do not get up until well after the sun has risen as I work the later shift at work.

Well on this Sunday I did my best the night before to check what the forecast would be. Based on what I saw I thought it was worth getting up early and driving down to the Baltimore Inner Harbor to get the sunrise as it had the potential to be a spectacular sunrise.

I arrived early enough to find a nice cloud deck above, the water was still, and there was a small sliver of an opening on the horizon. Well, the appointed time for the sun to come up came and went and it never made an appearance on the horizon as the clouds were just too thick. So my chance of an epic sunrise was a bust.

So I made the best of disappointment and decided let’s see what else I can get photos of. I ended up driving to four different locations this day as it was one of those rare warm days in February.  Here are some of the pictures I got on my 102-mile round trip.


Since the water was still in the Inner Harbor tried my best to get a few reflection shots. Here is one of them.

West side of the Inner Harbour on a still Sunday morning

It was so early I was able to get a shot of the visitors center without all the folks walking around. Sometime I’ll actually be down at the Inner Harbor when the visitors center is open so I can go in. It is supposed to be a very nice visitors center.

Baltimore Visitors Center


Next Stop, the Under Armour Corporate Headquarters and the pier nearby.

Seagulls on the Pier

I don’t have too many usable pictures from this location as I was testing out some manual lens that I had acquired. Seems I need to learn a few things about them still as things didn’t turn out as I had hoped for some images.

Off to North Point Park to meet up with a photography buddy, but along the way, I took a picture of some street art that I have been meaning to get for some time.

Unknown artist’s work only Key Highway


Last spot of the day, Fort Howard Park

Still working on editing some of the other images, but found this one dark room in one of the bunkers that had some artwork painted on the back and had some fun going a little overboard on the editing as I though it just lending itself to the wild side. So here are 2 different versions.


The first is a standard HDR shot.



I didn’t like the fact that the words were covered so I’m trying my hand at some photoshop techniques. Still learning and this is my first attempt at combining 2 shots together to get the words.  Not quite happy with this version yet, but still figuring things out.

Let me know what you think of this or any of the images in this post


Canon adds 2 new DSLR’s and a new Mirrorless camera to their line up

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Canon announced 2 new DSLR’s, the Canon 77D and T7i

And a new Mirrorless camera, the M6

These Canon cameras are expected to ship 3/31/17 and are available to pre-order now



Click the links below for ordering or to learn more

Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera

  • Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera Body for $779.00
  • Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera Kit with EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM Lens for $899.00
  • Canon EOS M6 Mirrorless Digital Camera Black Kit with EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM for $1,279.00



Canon BR-E1 Wireless Remote for T7i and 77D for $49.95

Canon EVC-DC2 Electronic Viewfinder Black – for EOS M6 / EOS M3 / PowerShot G1 X Mark II / PowerShot G3 X for $209.95

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Adorama Specials on Canon, Sony, GoPro and Pre-Orders on Tamron and Rokinon Lenses

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Adorama Specials on Camera bodies and

Pre-order lenses in February


These Adorama Product specials are running in February and the beginning of Pre-Ordering for select new lenses.


Canon Specials through 3/4

Click the links below for ordering or to learn more

GoPro Specials through 5/18

From now through 5/18 Adorama will be offering Adorama Gift Cards on select GoPro Cameras. Click the links below for ordering or to learn more


Pre-Order The Tamron 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD Wide Angle Lens for $499.00

Click the links below for your camera type and for ordering or product details

Pre-Order The Tamron SP 70-200mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 Zoom Lens for $1,299.00

Click the links below for your camera type and for ordering or product details


You can view the Adorama First Look on these new Tamron lenses here


Pre-Order The Rokinon XEEN 20mm T1.9 Professional Cine Lens for $2,495 with free shipping.

Expected to start shipping 3/20/17. Click the links below for your camera type and for ordering or product details

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Luminar Free Presets and other learning resources

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Get your Luminar free presets and check out these other learning resources to make the best use of Luminar


As of this writing, there are 4 Luminar Free Preset packs available. MacPhun I’m sure will add more over time. These presets are made but some of the best photographers out there. You can use the presets to do the final changes, or use them as a starting point for making your own adjustments in Luminar.


The currently available Luminar free and paid presets


As with ever new app everyone needs some help to learn about how to use all the features. Luminar is no exception to this, so MacPhun has an extensive video tutorial library that walks you through how to do most things in Luminar.


 View the complete Luminar Video Tutorial Library


MacPhun also has a blog section where you can get tips, tutorial, and trends on Luminar and other MacPhun products from the MacPhun team and friends. Recent additions include How to Restore Old Photos, How to Colorize a Black and White Photo, and How to Make a Picture Black and White all using Luminar.


 View the blog for more tips, tutorials, and trends from MacPhun and Friends


You know that you can use Luminar as a standalone program, but don’t forget  you can use it as a plug-in to popular photo editors such as Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Aperture, and Photoshop Elements.


Make sure your copy of Luminar is up to date by choosing the “Check for Updates” under the Luminar menu.  The current version is 1.1.0 Luminar/Pluto.


If you do not yet have Luminar, Download your Free Trial of Luminar.

If you are ready to purchase, Add Luminar to a shopping cart

And use Luminar Coupon Code of MDPDEAL to get $10 off now.


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Recent photo trip and a New Magazine

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Took a little photo trip recently out to Cunningham Falls in Thurmont Md with a friend of mine.

I don’t get out as much as I should, but my partner in crime for the Photography Nation Magazine, Sean Simmons, came out my way so I had no excuse not to go. I’m still working on the photos, but here is a quick preview with an iPhone panorama of the top of Cunningham Falls, near Thurmont Md.

Cunningham Falls

Cunningham Falls, Md. Click on the image to view full size

I’m still editing the rest of the images that I took that day and will post some more here along with on my Facebook page at If you visit my page, don’t forget to like and share the page and the post. I’d appreciate it.


The Magazine

As I mentioned Sean Simmons of Clear Elite Photography and I have teamed up to create a new magazine. We had our first issue released this month.  Check it out.


The Moon and Venus

I’m still learning how to use my new camera and one night recently I while I was out walking the dogs I saw that the moon was setting and Venus was nearby. So after taking the dogs back inside, I thought I would see how well the new camera did in low light for astrophotography. I think this is the first time I’ve actually been able to capture the dark side of the moon clearly. Although a larger lens would be nicer next time to get a closer shot. This is the result of my trial. I used MacPhun’s Luminar to edit the photo, but it didn’t need many adjustments as it was almost perfect right out of the camera.


The Moon Waxing with Venus in Tow


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Virus Protection and Cable Security

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As a new year begins it is a good time to think about your computer virus protection and cable security.

Make a resolution to get your computer secured.


Get Virus and Malware Protection for your computer

If you do not yet have a virus protection program here are 2 options that I can recommend.


Kaspersky Lab Products for Mac and Windows.

On Sale New Years Day for 50% Off


Malwarebytes for Mac and Windows

Malwarebytes for Home | Anti-Malware Premium | Free Trial Download



Cable Security for your Mac

Physical Cable Security. Not everyone needs this, but if you travel, in a business, or just want to secure your computer at home.

The newer Mac Models no longer come with the security slot, so what are you going to do to physically secure your computer.  MacLocks to the rescue.

MacLocks makes a complete line of products to secure you iMac, MacBooks, and iPads. My employer does use these products and they have been much more reliable and secure than previous vendor products we used.


10% Off at CODE:LL10



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