Sale on Becoming and Artist and a Photo from Me

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Sale on Becoming An Artist – Season 1


If you have thought about getting the complete series and waiting for it to go on sale, well here it is.

You can now get the complete series at 30% off.

Get your copy here before the sale is gone

Click on the link to get all the details on what is included and information about the series.


The Color before the Storm


I haven’t had much of a chance to go out and take pictures recently and I have yet to process those that I have taken. This one I did get to take quickly near my home.

There was a storm rolling in with very dark and gloomy clouds right around sunset. I didn’t think we would get any sunset, but then I looked out and saw this.  Ran to get the camera and get a quick snapshot before it disappeared.

And disappear it did not long after this photo.


The brief sunset before the storm came through.
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Free Five-Week HDR Course

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A Free Five-Week HDR Course from MacPhun


Free Five-Week HDR Course Image


As you can tell from earlier posts I’m a user and big believer of Aurora HDR and that HDR is one of the types of photography that I like to do. I’ve often thought of doing some of my own lessons on the subject, but why should I reinvent the wheel when there is already a great set of lessons out there.

I’m going to take the course myself as I know I can always learn something new even on things that I have done for a while. Nothing worse that doing something a certain way and finding out you have done it wrong all along. I’ve found there is always one little tip or trick that I never thought of in these courses. For the rest, it is just a confirmation that I”m doing things correctly and it is nice to get a confirmation that you are doing things right once in a while.


The Essential HDR is for you if you are new to HDR photography or just new to Aurora HDR, this course will introduce you to the essentials of HDR photography and an introduction to the use of Aurora HDR.


The Essential HDR course is broken down into 10 lessons.

  1. The HDR Basics
  2. Exposure Brackets
  3. Tripod vs Handheld HDR
  4. Exposure in HDR
  5. Natural HDR
  6. Pick the right location for HDR
  7. Black and White HDR Photography
  8. HDR Textures & More
  9. Masks and layers n HDR Processing
  10. Deep dive into HDR Photography


Each lesson consists of a detailed explanation of the topic, along with an easy-to-understand practice assignment that reinforces the lesson. You can start anytime and if you miss a lesson, just look back in your inbox for that lessons email.


So are you ready to get started a becoming a better HDR photographer?


Sign up here for the free HDR course by
and start improving your HDR photography today


If you do not already have Aurora HDR, click the image below to download a free trial that you can use while you are taking the course. The current release of Aurora HDR is for Mac OS only.


Free Aurora HDR Download for the Free Five-Week HDR Course


And don’t forget to sign up to get information on the next version of Aurora HDR, Aurora HDR 2017.


Sign up Here to get Aurora HDR 2017 updates including when pre-order starts for the Mac version and release information for Aurora HDR 2017 for Windows


You will get information about the pre-order start date and updates on the Aurora HDR 2017 release for Mac. Windows users can sign up to get notified about the future release of Aurora HDR 2017 for Windows. The windows version is definitely coming, just no official release date yet.


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Things don’t always go as planned

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Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean the pictures you end up with are not worth keeping.


Recently I went out on two different days with hope to take some breathtaking sunset photography.

On the first trip, I just wanted to get the sunset on a recently cut farmers field. This turned out to be a dud as far as my plans went. First, the sunset did not look like it was going to be that great so I didn’t head out to the location. About 10 mins after I had planned on leaving, the sun broke through the clouds and the start of a spectacular sunset was on its way.

I got into the car and rush to the location I was thinking about. Even though it was only a few miles from where I was, by the time I got there and got my camera equipment setup, the best part of the sunset had gone. I was bummed, but I was still determined to get some photos while I was there so it would not be a wasted trip.

I looked around and saw that the farmer’s combine was parked nearby and that the cab’s window was facing in the direction of what was left of the sunset. I immediately ran over and set up my tripod and started taking pictures. I usually try to do HDR photo’s which require taking a series of shots at different exposures which get combined later on my computer with Aurora HDR Pro to produce the final picture.

Here is one of the pictures I ended up capturing. It was not the red sky and the farm field that I had planned on, but I made the best of what was available to me.


Sunset Reflection in the cab of a combine Things don't always go as planned article

Sunset Reflection in the cab of a combine after a long day on the job.


This shot was a result of the HDR process by combining the 3 shots shot at -2,0,+2 exposures and using Aurora HDR Pro to process the combined shots into the final you see above.

Now on to another trip where my HDR Process failed me

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Aurora HDR Next Release Announced

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Aurora HDR 2017

Welcome to Aurora HDR 2017


Aurora HDR Next Release Announced today. Aurora HDR is the world’s most powerful HDR software made exclusively for Mac. If you are waiting for Aurora HDR for Windows  make sure to sign up and click the radio button for “I use PC” so you get notified of the Aurora HDR for Windows release at a future date.


Pre-orders for Aurora HDR 2017 will start September 14th, with the official release launch on September 29th for the Mac Version. Windows users, still sign up and get notified about Aurora HDR for Windows, it is coming, just not September 29th.


 Sign up Here to get notified when pre-ordering starts and any updates on the Aurora HDR 2017 release.


Summary of a few of the Aurora HDR 2017 Features and Improvements.

  • New Batch Processing
  • New Tools, including polarize filter and radial masking tool
  • New presets by Trey Ratcliff and other recognized pros
  • Updated tone-mapping and bracket merging technology for more realistic looking HDR images

This is just the shortlist. There will be over 20 key improvements and new features in this release.


Sign Up NOW to get notified of the additional features Aurora HDR 2017


Aurora HDR Next Release Announced Upgrades and Pricing

  • Current users of Aurora HDR Pro can upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 at a special pre-order price of $49
  • Current users of the standard version of Aurora HDR can upgrade to Aurora HDR 2017 at a special pre-order upgrade price of $69
  • New customers can pre-order Aurora HDR 2017 for $89
  • Pre-order customers will also receive special bonuses that and announced soon. As soon as I”m notified of what they are I’ll post it here.


Sign up Here to get notified when pre-ordering starts and any updates on the Aurora HDR 2017 release.


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Pre-order On1 Photo Raw Upgrade Sale

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Pre-order On1 Photo Raw Upgrade with Bonus items.


On1 Photo Raw will be release later on this fall but existing customers of On1 can start placing their pre-orders now.

With the On1 Photo Raw Pre-Order Sale, you will get On1 Photo Raw software and 4 On1 Master Courses (a $100 Value) when you upgrade for the pre-order sale price of $79.


Pre-Order your On1 Photo Raw Upgrade Here for $79

This is a 20% savings over the list price of On1 Photo Raw Upgrade of $99 and a 60% Savings for both On1 Photo Raw and the 4 On1 Master Courses at $199


On1 Photo Raw give you.

  • RAW processing that is fast, really fast
  • Instant RAW editing – no importing or cataloging. Get right to business
  • Make adjustments to photos and colleagues and access and edit where you left off.
  • Non-destructive photo editing.
  • Native support for JPEG, TIF, PSD, PSB, PNG, and DNG file formats
  • Support for over 800 cameras
  • Works as a plug-in (for Adobe Photoshop® and Lightroom®), a standalone app, or a host app (Google® Nik® and other apps), or as an extension (for Apple® Photos)


This is a limited time sale

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Educational, Government, Military, Group, Corporate discounts

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Don’t forget to look for Educational, Government, Military, Group, or Corporate discounts when you’re buying software or hardware. No matter who the vendor is.


Most vendors I have come across have Educational, Government, Military, Group, or Corporate discounts available. Some do not make it easy to find on their websites while others, like MacPhun, put it clearly on their front page.


The requirements to receive the discounts will vary from one vendor to another along with the method of proof of membership in the group. For example, B&H Photo does offer educational discounts, but has a stricter policy on who can receive the discount than others. Others are more flexible, and include a larger group that are eligible such as Faculty, Staff, and Students, instead of just Faculty and Students for educational institutions.


I would recommend that you make it your policy if you are a member of any educational institution, former or active Military, work for any part of the Government, or part of a larger company or association such as AAA, AARP, etc. to ask the company you are looking to buy from if they offer a discount to your group. When you ask, also make sure you find out what proof of group membership is required to receive the discount. If you do not see discounts mentioned directly on the website of the company, don’t be afraid to contact them via email or phone before you making your purchase and ask. The worst they can say is no  or you are not part of the qualifying group and you are no worse for the wear. It is better to ask before your buy and find out they do not offer any discount than to buy and find out later you could have gotten a better deal via one of these discounts.


Get Intensify CK and Uplet at 50 Percent Off

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Get Intensify CK and Uplet - 50% Off

Create your great photo with Intensify CK and upload it to Instagram directly from your Mac with Uplet.


Get Intensify CK and Uplet at 50% Off Now

This Special deal  including Intensify CK, the detail-enhancing photography software for Mac, PLUS Uplet, the bulk instagram uploader for Mac, come together for the first time for only $39.99; a savings of 50% off of the retail pricing.


Want to see how easy it is to create and upload

Check out this MacPhun articleIntensify & Share – Uploading to IG Made Easy to see how easy it is to edit in Intensify CK and Upload to your Instagram account with Uplet.


Create your great photo with Intensify CK:

Intensity CK has these great features to help you make the best of your photo

  • 4 cutting-edge detail controls
  • Over 70 on-click presets for instant results
  • Supports RAW files + all popular image formats
  • A complete set of editing tools, including layers and brushes
  • Use as a Standalone app & Plug-in


And share it to the world on Instagram using Uplet:

Uplet’s ease of use features to get your image uploaded to Instagram right from your Mac Desktop.

  • Drag & Drop 1 or more photos directly from your Mac
  • Add captions, emojis and hashtags
  • Maintains aspect ratio and quality
  • Use your best “desktop-enhanced” photos instead of just mobile images
  • Appears in your Instagram feed in seconds


Click Here to Intensify CK + Uplet at 50% Off


Don’t forget to use my MacPhun Coupon Code of MDPDEAL to get an extra 10% off.

These are Mac OS only applications

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This offer expires at Wednesday August 31st, 2016 11:59pm

Some Photography Slang

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Photography slang that you may already know or should know.


I’m not much on acronyms or slang but I found the following article interesting and even a little amusing so I though I would share. Hope is either informative or gives you a smile at what some of them mean.


Click here to see the 10 slang words every photographer should know


Recently I’ve found myself having writers block or not able to think of a good subject to write about during the week. So I’ve decided that I will share some things that I’ve found that I think you might enjoy or benefit from. I’m far from an expert on everything related to photography, so if I find a site or article that I either benefited from or I think you could benefit from I’ll create a post and include a link to it.

Save with these Aurora HDR Pro Bundles

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Save with Aurora HDR Bundles

Background image processed using Aurora HDR Pro


Save up to 20% off Aurora HDR Pro with these Aurora HDR Pro Bundles and you get Aurora HDR Pro plus a variety of bonus items.

Since MacPhun (the co-creator and developer of Aurora HDR) is constantly adding new Aurora HDR Pro Bundles, I figured I would create a summary post of the current Aurora HDR Pro and Aurora HDR Bundles that are available to you. Not only are you saving on the price of Aurora HDR Pro itself, you are saving more if you add in the cost of the bonus items. Total savings including the bonus item can be 50% or more. I have linked to the posts with the full details of each bundle deal so you will need to follow the link to get the full details and to get the link for that bundle. Some of these bundles are only available to MacPhun affiliates such as myself, so check them all out to see which one is right for you. Check this page often as offers expire and new offers become available.

The Current Aurora HDR Pro bundle list.

Aurora HDR Pro’s List price is $99 for comparison.


If these bonus offers do not interest you, you can still save by getting 10% off Aurora HDR software by using my promo code at Applies to all versions shown on the site.

Aurora HDR 10%off Coupon Code MDPDEAL


If you want to show some love to the person who got this great app started, Trey Ratcliff,  you can get Aurora HDR via Stuck in Customs in 2 versions.



You can also get extra Aurora HDR items from Stuck in Customs such as


For the HDR Tutorial other items at the store you may use my discount code of SIC-8831 at checkout to get an extra 10% off. Note: The coupon is not available for any Aurora HDR item or the Stuck in Customs Workshops, but pretty much everything else is covered. Best thing to do it just enter the coupon code and it will be applied to the items that it is accepted on. #aurorahdrpro #aurorahdrprobundles #AuroraHDR #Bundles #stuckincustoms #HDR #Photoeditor #Mac


Download FREE Trials of Photography Software

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FREE trials

Download FREE trials of various photography editing software. I know many like to try out a product before spending your hard-earned money on it, so here ya go with a free way to tryout these great apps.


Don’t forget to check out my Discounts and Coupon Codes post as I may have a discount for the software after you try it out. Click the Discounts and Coupon Codes menu above to see.


Recommended software Free Trail links.



As I come across more free trial downloads of software I feel comfortable recommending I’ll be adding more here.


#free #freetrial #software #photography #photoeditors #tryout


Creating Facebook 360 photos on your iOS Device

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Creating Facebook 360 photos on your iOS devices like your iPhone with either the iPhone Camera app or Google’s Street View app for iOS.

First I will say you can do this on other devices as well such as Android devices via Google Camera, but since I only have access to and iPhone this is all I can show you. I”m sure the steps are similar but the steps in the apps you use will be different.

Both the Google Street View App and the iOS Camera app were tested on an iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3.2. and using Facebook app version 58.

There is an option to embed 360 video as well, but you need a 360 camera to do this and at the moment I do not. So see the Facebook FAQ for more information on video 360.


Creating Facebook 360 Photos on iOS with the iOS Camera App.

Open the Camera app and switch to pano mode. Create your pano making sure it is not too narrow. There is no way to really know, but if you make it to narrow it will not upload in the Facebook 360 format. The wider the panorama is the more movement you will have left and right after you have uploaded it to Facebook. Once you have your panorama created you can now upload it to Facebook.


Uploading your iPhone pano to Facebook.

You can upload your pano photo to Facebook either directly from your iOS device such as and iPhone or you can upload it from your computer.


Uploading from your iOS device such as an iPhone.

Open the Facebook app, create a new post by selecting “Photo”, then select the pano from your camera roll, click done. Add text, description, and tag your friends etc if you wish, then click post. Your photo is uploaded and you are sent to the Facebook 360 post on your feed. Although the text and such is not required it is nice to have a description of what the photo is about.

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Getting a website created and online in no time with Bluehost

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So you are thinking of creating a website and not sure where to go and how long it will take, I have a quick and easy solution for you with Bluehost, my hosting provider.

These days I think everyone is in the website hosting business and there are many providers you can choose from, but I know Bluehost can can get your website up and online in no time.

Wither you are a techie and like to do everything yourself or someone who just wants to get online and not worry about the details, Bluehost has solutions for you.

So how do you get started…

Before you even go to Bluehost, I would recommend that you do a little pre planning.

Things to think about:

  1. Your domain name. Come up with a list of domain names that you might want to use. I would come up with at least 3 and order them in preferred order. There is always a chance that the name you want is already taken so you want to have your 2nd and 3rd choices ready to go.
  2. Think about the type of site you want to have. This is anything from a blog to a just a e-commerce store. Bluehost has options for any type of site that you want and I believe WordPress can accommodate most types, but if you need a specialized type of site, they have various options for those as well.
  3. Know you budget. Like every hosting site there are a ton of options from the low-end shared hosting to dedicated servers just for you site. You can always start at the shared hosting option and move up the options list to the dedicated server as needed. Also, you can get more for your money using the introductory pricing if you get multiple years of service up front. This is what I did and it has saved me a lot over my initial sign-up period
  4. Think about your content. This mainly comes in for the Basic and Plus shared hosting options as there is a limit on server space. If you site is going to be heavy on images or videos that are stored on your site you may have to go with the Pro shared site option to start as it has unmetered storage space

Knowing these things will help you deciding which of the multitude of services that Bluehost can offer that you will need to start with.

Now that you have done your pre-planned. Lets go through the steps of getting you online and up in running.

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