Macphun is coming to PC with Luminar for Windows public beta

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It has started, Macphun is coming to PC – Windows Platform with the release of the Luminar for Windows Public Beta


In its first foray into the Windows world, Macphun is releasing a public beta of Luminar for Windows today.

Sign up here today to receive your copy of the
Luminar for Windows Public Beta Today

During the beta period, Luminar for Windows is free to download and use


Key features of the Luminar for Windows public beta:

  • Adaptive user interface – Exactly matching the Mac version, the software adapts to the skill level and preferences of the photographer.
  • One-click presets – Over 50 pre-defined styles for every photography style.
  • Photo Editing Filters – Over 40 custom filters, each with built-in visual tips and a unique set of easy-to-use controls for correcting, enhancing and stylizing images.
  • RAW file conversion – Support for the latest RAW file libraries
  • Non-destructive workflow – Edit without fear.
  • Recommended System Requirements – Windows 10, Core i5 2.2 or better, 8GB RAM,1GB GPU RAM, SSD with 20+GB free space.

As with any beta

  • Beta version is not the final version and features are subject to change
  • Current beta version does not include all of the features/tools that the final release version will
  • Final version will be released late 2017


Now Windows Users can create stunning images like these with the ease of Luminar for Windows.




A quick look at the Windows User Interface.

If you have already seen the Mac Version interface you will notice the layout the same.


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Free trials on some great photo editors

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I”m calling July Free Trial month as you can get free trials on some great photo editors.


You know you are going to be taking photos during the summer. Maybe of your friends and family or from your great summer vacation.


So why not try out some of the best photo editors to see which will bring out the best in your photos.


Products from On1 that are for Mac and Windows computers.


You can use these as plugins to Lightroom and Photoshop or as standalone applications depending upon the app.

On1 Effects 10On1 Photo Free Trial

On1 Lightroom Presets Free Trial


For those who have Mac OS computers here are two great editors you can download and try for free.


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Topaz Studio

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Topaz Labs announces its latest product, Topaz Studio


So what is Topaz Studio

It is a new fast, flexible, powerful creative toolbox and next level image editor. It can work as a standalone editor application or as a plugin in the following applications:

Photoshop CS4+, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements 12+, Paintshop Pro X 6+, Serif PhotoPlus X5+, Lightroom 4+, Lightroom CC, and photoFXlab
*Not compatible with Fusion Express


And the best news…

They are Giving it Away! Yes that’s right, you get it for FREE.

You can use Topaz Studio as a plugin, a host editor for all Topaz Labs existing products, 10 free adjustments, comprehensive masking, opacity slider, and blending modes functionality are included.


Here is what the interface looks like


You can save your edited images as PNG, JPG, or TIFF formats.


Topaz is constantly updating their tutorial video library on making the best of Topaz Studio and you can view those tutorials HERE


The Min System Requirements to use Topaz Studio are:
Mac OSX 10.9+
Windows 7/8/10 x 64bit + OpenGL 3.3
*Does not support Windows 32bit


Get your Free Copy of Topaz Studio Today


And for a limited time, you can purchase the Pro Adjustment Pack that gives you 14 additional adjustments that will normally cost $270 for just $99.

To purchase the Pro Adjustment Pack for Topaz Studio, Click HERE and use the Topaz Studio Pro Adjustment Pack 50% Discount Code of “STUDIO” at checkout.

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Free Luminar Presets

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Macphun has released free Luminar presets and a free texture pack that is available to download.


So you have Luminar or are considering getting it, but you are not sure about what settings will bring out the best in your photography. Well, Macphun is here to help.


To help get you started with making fantastic photos, Macphun has worked with various photographers to create a great set of presets and textures that you can use to enhance your photos with just one click. You can either just use the preset as is, or you can use it as a starting point for your own adjustments. Best of all, they are free to download and use.


Once you have tried out the free set, consider a premium preset or the premium texture to get added instant effects for your photography.


The free presets include

  • Seascape Presets by Ellen Anon
  • Winter Hues by Discovery Photo Tours
  • Studio Portraits by Tony Corbell
  • Magic Hour by Jim Nix
  • Variations of Monochrome by Dan Hughes
  • The Box by Scott Wyden Kivowitz
  • Autin Drama by Jim Nix
  • View from Brooklyn by Hector Martinez.

And you can get the free Desert Dreams Texture Pack as well.


Once you have tried out the free presets you can purchase additional Premium presets like

  • Noble Monochromatic Preset Pack
  • Insta Inspiration pack by Jason Odell
  • Photo Essentials Pack

And the Premium Asphalt & Leaf Texture Pack.


New with Luminar 2018 a Free Luts Pack and Free Winter Presets Pack


 Get Free Luminar 2018 Presets and LUTs

A set of Presets and LUTs just for Luminar 2018

Download free Presets and Texture Packs for Luminar 2017 & 2018

Presets and Textures that can be used in both Luminar 2017 and 2018


If you do not have Luminar you can Download your Free Trial of Luminar and give these free presets and the texture pack a try.


Demo Video of installing and using the Presets and Texture


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Get On1 Effects 10.5 for FREE

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You can now get On1 Effects 10.5 for FREE




Many of these features are included in On1 Photo 2017, but for those who want to get a great effects program for free, here is your chance.


Here are just a few of the features you can use with this free version.

Get your FREE copy of On1 Effects 10.5 today.

It is available for both Mac and Windows, so everyone is covered.


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Free Online 11-Week Digital Photography Course by Former Stanford Professor

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Recently found a free online 11-week Digital Photography course by Former Standford Professor Marc Levoy


Free Online 11-Week Digital Photography Course by Former Stanford Professor


I’ll admit the I did take at least one college-level course when I was at Towson back in the film days as I was primarily interested in Black and White photography darkroom techniques. But these days there are so many resources available on the internet to learn photography I have not taken a course since.

I’m all about free, so I”m always on the lookout for good resources and this is one of them.

This course is not for everyone, but for those who like the lecture format of a college-level course and are looking for something that covers the science, artistic, and computing aspects of photography, then this might be for you.

According to the site, this is the public version of the course that he use to teach at Standford. It does seem to be a very popular online course and please read the RED text section on the home page with regard to the video lectures that go along with this course.

The site contains video lectures, lecture materials, and course assignments if you so choose to do the assignment for fun.

Rather than rehashing the details you can read on his site I’ll just say go check it out and see if it is for you at

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Fro Knows Photo gives away Red River Paper

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Fro Knows Photo gives away Red River Paper to first 300 responders


Jared Polin, aka the I Shoot RAW man, of Fro Knows Photo is one of the folks that I follow. He has a unique perspective on photography that I like as I think it just tells it like it is.

Right now he has an offer for the first 300 responders for sample paper from Red River Paper. Red River Paper is one paper source I have used and would recommend. I”m just not big enough yet to get these types of offers for my readers so I wanted to share Fro Knows Photo’s post.

Click on the link in his video to see if you can still get the free sample kit from Red River Paper and give their paper a try. I’m sure you will like it.


Don’t forget to check out Fro Knows Photo as well as I’m sure you will like his content as well.



You can also click on the “F” logo in the bottom right to go to the post on his page.


Free Five-Week HDR Course

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A Free Five-Week HDR Course from Macphun


Free Five-Week HDR Course Image


As you can tell from earlier posts I’m a user and big believer of Aurora HDR and that HDR is one of the types of photography that I like to do. I’ve often thought of doing some of my own lessons on the subject, but why should I reinvent the wheel when there is already a great set of lessons out there.

I’m going to take the course myself as I know I can always learn something new even on things that I have done for a while. Nothing worse that doing something a certain way and finding out you have done it wrong all along. I’ve found there is always one little tip or trick that I never thought of in these courses. For the rest, it is just a confirmation that I”m doing things correctly and it is nice to get a confirmation that you are doing things right once in a while.


The Essential HDR is for you if you are new to HDR photography or just new to Aurora HDR, this course will introduce you to the essentials of HDR photography and an introduction to the use of Aurora HDR.


The Essential HDR course is broken down into 10 lessons.

  1. The HDR Basics
  2. Exposure Brackets
  3. Tripod vs Handheld HDR
  4. Exposure in HDR
  5. Natural HDR
  6. Pick the right location for HDR
  7. Black and White HDR Photography
  8. HDR Textures & More
  9. Masks and layers n HDR Processing
  10. Deep dive into HDR Photography


Each lesson consists of a detailed explanation of the topic, along with an easy-to-understand practice assignment that reinforces the lesson. You can start anytime and if you miss a lesson, just look back in your inbox for that lessons email.


So are you ready to get started a becoming a better HDR photographer?


Sign up here for the free HDR course by
and start improving your HDR photography today


If you do not already have Aurora HDR, click the image below to download a free trial that you can use while you are taking the course. The current release of Aurora HDR is for Mac OS only.


Free Aurora HDR Download for the Free Five-Week HDR Course


And don’t forget to sign up to get information on the next version of Aurora HDR, Aurora HDR 2017.


Sign up Here to get Aurora HDR 2017 updates including when pre-order starts for the Mac version and release information for Aurora HDR 2017 for Windows


You will get information about the pre-order start date and updates on the Aurora HDR 2017 release for Mac. Windows users can sign up to get notified about the future release of Aurora HDR 2017 for Windows. The windows version is definitely coming, just no official release date yet.


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Download FREE Trials of Photography Software

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FREE trials

Download FREE trials of various photography editing software. I know many like to try out a product before spending your hard-earned money on it, so here ya go with a free way to tryout these great apps.


Don’t forget to check out my Discounts and Coupon Codes post as I may have a discount for the software after you try it out. Click the Discounts and Coupon Codes menu above to see.


Recommended software Free Trail links.



As I come across more free trial downloads of software I feel comfortable recommending I’ll be adding more here.


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Nik Collection from Google – Now Free

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Google announced on March 24th that the Nik Collection of photo editing software is now Free to everyone.

A few years ago,Google purchased Nik Software

Nik software has been highly recommended by many a photographer to me, but that was around the time Google purchased Nik Software so I didn’t buy it as I was waiting to see what Google would do with it.

I have not used the software yet myself so for now I cannot give you my opinion of it, but go ahead and download it and see if it works for you.  There is no manual per say, but they do have an extensive help center along with Tutorials under each program tab on the download page.

It supports both Mac and Windows. Review the system requirements at the bottom of the download page to make sure it is compatible with your OS version and hardware before downloading.

Here is a link to the announcement Google made on March 24th.

Download your Free copy today from….

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Free stuff – ON1 Photo Effects

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Seems it is my day for finding free stuff for you that I think you can use. This offer is for ON1 Photo Effects. It is for both Mac and Windows.

I already own and use the full ON1 Photo 10 software and it is one of my secondary photo editing software packages, so this offer doesn’t benefit me.

But for those of you looking for a great app to add some punch to your photos or fix some issues with your photo, I recommend it. And you can’t beat the price of $0.00

So go and download it now before they change their minds. You can get by clicking on the following.

I would check out their other software while your there and they do offer other items for free. Check the complete list out under their “Free” menu

They also have some great videos so you can the most out of their products.

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