Getting something different, a sunset reflection

I was up in Hershey PA over the weekend at my high school’s homecoming activities so, of course, I had my camera with me.

After meeting up with all my fellow Milts, I wanted to get a sunset picture from Founders Hall on the school campus.  So I walking out onto the patio to get some shots of the sunset that was directly ahead of me. Things were not that impressive due to lack of clouds and started heading back inside, but then I saw this interesting look and had to take a picture.


Sunset reflection on the glass of a door and the chandelier from inside

Sunset reflection on glass and Chandelier

Yes, not the most impressive picture I know and it is far from a perfect edit yet, but it is more to the point of don’t forget to look around as the best picture might be behind you, or beside you and not where you thought it might be.

Edited this one in On1 Photo Raw 2017 using layers and the develope module and it is composed of 2 images so I could get the complete chandelier in this image. Each image had a different part of the chandelier showing due to the how the lights were cycling.

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Thank you to the buyer from Harrisburg

I wish to thank the buyer for their purchase of

The Smoke Stacks Stand Resolute“.

As always, I’m grateful for a purchase of any of my work.

This photo is of the 2 smokestacks from the original chocolate factory in Hershey PA. These smokestacks along with the cocoa bean elevators are some of the remaining pieces of the original chocolate factory that was in the middle of Hershey on Chocolate Ave. The factory has since moved to new modern facility across town. The picture is from the hill that overlooks the town and Hersheypark.


This is the photograph as selected by this buyer


The Smoke Stacks Stand Resolute-Sale

This is an example of one of the many ways you can buy one of photographs. You can buy any of my photographs in a variety of media formats from just the print, Metal prints, Canvas prints, framed and unframed. Click on the image to see what other options they could have chosen for this image.


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Recent Sale

The Hershey Kiss lights on Chocolate Ave

The Hershey Kiss lights on Chocolate Ave

I have been lucky again to have sold one of my images. I’m sure the buyer from Harrisburg PA will enjoy their new canvas print.

This print can be found on (note hosted on, hence their watermark on the preview)