Getting something different, a sunset reflection

I was up in Hershey PA over the weekend at my high school’s homecoming activities so, of course, I had my camera with me.

After meeting up with all my fellow Milts, I wanted to get a sunset picture from Founders Hall on the school campus.  So I walking out onto the patio to get some shots of the sunset that was directly ahead of me. Things were not that impressive due to lack of clouds and started heading back inside, but then I saw this interesting look and had to take a picture.


Sunset reflection on the glass of a door and the chandelier from inside

Sunset reflection on glass and Chandelier

Yes, not the most impressive picture I know and it is far from a perfect edit yet, but it is more to the point of don’t forget to look around as the best picture might be behind you, or beside you and not where you thought it might be.

Edited this one in On1 Photo Raw 2017 using layers and the develope module and it is composed of 2 images so I could get the complete chandelier in this image. Each image had a different part of the chandelier showing due to the how the lights were cycling.

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Wallops Island Rocket Launch a bust, but got to see the ISS

Came home early tonight to see the rocket launch from Wallops Island and to see if I could get a good photo of the arch in the sky as I was within viewing range this time.

Well that was a bust due to the launch being scrubbed thanks to a sailboat being in a restricted area.

But I got a bonus as the ISS (International Space Station) was also flying overhead at around the same time.  And was able to capture part of its path across the sky.

Just in case you are wondering, the orange glow in the bottom left was a neighbors outdoor fire, the orange glow on the horizon is Baltimore City lights and the thin white line in the middle is the ISS streaking across the sky.


While I was waiting for the rocket launch was able to capture a nice sunset with the moon in 1st quarter.

Moon over Sunset

The calm after the storm

Well looks like most of the forecasts were a little off on the snow totals, which is fine by me. The lower snow amount meant less time spent cleaning up.

Not looking forward to the cold temps that are coming tonight though. Spring begins this month, but from the weather we have had lately I think it is going to be a bit late.

We did get a nice sunset over the fresh snow cover we got today.

Here is a shot from my cell phone.

The calm after the storm